When men of God get together, iron sharpens iron

There is wisdom and strength in sharing life’s experiences and bolstering the faith in Godly Men as the cornerstones of our homes and community. Each man has a fundamental calling from God that permeates throughout everything he does. The Men of Heritage work together to sharpen, strengthen, and grow in God. We bind together with God’s Love, igniting His Power that, in turn, radiates out from each of us – to our families, business acquaintances, and all we come in contact with.
We know that “faith without works is dead.” Our dedicated members are very involved in the inner workings of Heritage Church. Whether we’re lending a hand to support events, helping to maintain the church grounds, or being there for those in need, we are an integral part of the Heritage Community.

Being a Man of Heritage is life-changing, spiritually rewarding, and fun!
Power Up

The Men of Heritage meet monthly for good fellowship, a time of sharing, and spiritual development.


This annual retreat has a relaxing atmosphere, awesome food, and lots of fun activities. Exponential growth in Christ is achieved as we bond together and develop powerful Christian relationships.